Sunday, 3 February 2008

What are you making?

Anybody got any Entrelac on the needles they want to share?

I am on my sixth ball of Noro Transitions, this is beginning to look a lot like a long blanket! I am in fact knitting the Lady Eleanor and since learning to knit backwards, I am totally hooked on this clever way of knitting. The yarn does the hard work for me. Lady Eleanor is a lot longer than the photo shows....


Redhead Samurai said...

Do people notice when you knit backward and how do they react to that "aberration"?

Pat said...

I have bought my Noro Silk Garden and am going to a class on the Lady Eleanor this Thursday. My plan to have the Shawl underway has been sidetracked by the wonderful Modern Quilt Wrap which has me totally entralled. But tomorrow I will start on the Lady Eleanor for sure! I can't wait.

I learned to knit backwards from reading the instructions on Whether or not I can do it is yet to be seen!

Am anxious to see everyone else's work. Will post a pic as soon as I recharge my camera battery.